Standard Process Supplements

Standard Process is known around the world for their commitment to making whole-food supplements of the highest quality possible. They offer a tremendous catalog of products designed to provide nutrition close to its natural form in as pure a form as possible. They’re trusted by health professionals around the world to deliver powerful and pure results again and again.

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Of all the vitamin and supplement brands we’ve reviewed, Standard Process is certainly one of the most noteworthy. They’re a practitioner channel brand, NSF Certified for Sport, and even maintain their own 420-acre organic farm! They were founded on a philosophy of creating dietary supplements from whole foods to offer nutrition as close to the way it’s naturally found in Nature as possible. They’re one of the best vitamin and supplement brands around and we’re excited to tell you a bit about them.

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Standard Process has been around for many decades and is now in the hands of the third generation of the Dubois family. They have worked tirelessly to pioneer what quality manufacturing practices—long before GMP was even a thing! They maintain their own organic farm to source their ingredients, have received multiple awards for environmental stewardship, and often are spotted helping communities in need such as when they donated over 50,000 meals to national food banks!

Green-Tier Sustainability

In recognition of Standard Process’ efforts to develop and maintain eco-friendly manufacturing practices, the State of Wisconsin accepted them into their Natural Resources Green Tier Program. This recognition was given due in part to Standard Process’ commitment to recycling, organic gardening practices, conservation of lighting, and overall reduction of power consumption by 1.4 million kilowatt hours per year since 2010. That’s not jumping through hoops to get a fancy badge on their bottle—that’s in their corporate DNA.

Practitioner Supplements

Standard Process was founded on principles that advocate working alongside health professionals to ensure pure and adequate nutritional needs are met. They work closely with licensed health professionals to provide products to their patients. As a patient, if your doctor or nutritionist is an authorized Standard Process reseller, you will be given a practitioner code. This allows you to buy Standard Process products directly from their website. It’s this focus on the doctor-patient relationship that has helped Standard Process’ vitamins and supplements grow such an esteemed reputation.

Standard Process' Detox Kit Supplement Bottles Lined Side-by-Side

Quality Assurance

Standard Process is a company that has adhered to GMP standards long before they were officially outlined by the FDA. Their quality assurance team consists of scientists and engineers that are dedicated to securing every stage of their manufacturing processes. Standard Process maintains an FDA-registered facility and is NSF-Registered GMP and also NSF-Certified for Sport. These additional assurances help define Standard Process’ role as both a quality leader and a doctor-trusted supplement brand.

Product Testing

Standard Process’ quality assurance teams assess their products several times during the sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution chain. This helps assure that vitamins and supplements not only meet their label claims but that they continue to meet them. The Standard Process laboratories perform as many as 1,100 unique tests each week to help ensure their products are free of allergens—specifically gluten—microbial contaminants, and heavy metals.

Organic Ingredients

Standard Process operates its own 420-acre organic farm which located in Wisconsin where they grow over 35 different varieties of crops each year. This source—whole, organic, non-GMO food—helps ensure their vitamins and supplements are as close to natural as possible. The Standard Process farm is surrounded by a buffer zone to help protect against cross-contamination. You’ll notice that many of Standard Process’ products are formulated in a much different approach than other brands. Their home-grown-whole-food approach has evolved a truly unique catalog of supplements.

Ingredient Potency

There’s a lot of wiggle room between having an ingredient on the label and ensuring that an ingredient is as potent as possible. One way Standard Process helps ensure their products contain the best versions of their ingredients is to use low-temperature, high-vacuum driers during harvest. Rather than nasty chemical baths or high-heat processes, this approach helps preserve the nutrients they’ve worked so hard to grow on their organic farm. You’ll find that any supplement manufacturer needs to use “inactive ingredients” to help control consistency and ease of manufacturing. Standard Process uses very natural ingredients for flow agents such as calcium derived from vegetable sources and even honey!

Overall Thoughts

Standard Process isn’t an average supplement brand. They’ve shown commitment to quality and potency throughout their long history. They take every step to ensure their products are as nutritionally powerful as possible. The only thing we’d caution you against is that their formulations are very different from what you’re probably used to. You’ll find many contain large blends of compounds and aren’t as readily categorized as many other brands. This might seem odd at first but we feel it’s a strong signal of their knowledge of nutrition, manufacturing science, and dedication to whole-food nutrition. They’re one of the best vitamin and supplement brands in the world and we’d recommend them to anyone.

Standard Process Supplements
Standard Process Supplements
Standard Process is among the highest-quality vitamin and supplement brands on the market. They believe in whole-food nutrition, are eco-conscious, and even run their own organic farm! They're one of our favorite supplement brands and, after learning more about them, we think they'll be one of yours as well!
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