You’re probably using social media marketing to drive new and existing customers to your site by advertising your products or services. However, advertising on social media can be tricky, especially when you’re not advertising the right product. It’s normal that some products do well on social media and some don’t.

Self-Care Products

With the pandemic in full swing, many people have turned to self-care. Research shows that Google saw a 250% increase in self-care-related searches from both men and women as a way to make healthier lifestyle choices. Self-care is something that a person does regularly that helps them maintain holistic health.

It has 8 areas of application that include physical, psychological, emotional, social, professional, environmental, financial, and spiritual. From popular pamper products and journals to the best couple’s sex toys, there has been a huge surge in anything self-care-related. You’re likely to see a lot of self-care products advertised on social media due to the popularity of these products over the past year.

Food And Drink

Food and drink are heavily advertised on social media and for good reason! Most people love food and drink and even showing them pictures can make their mouth water and eyes light up. When it comes to advertising food and drink, it’s important to know your audience, goals, and budget to reach the right people who will be interested in your food.

When you have top food photography skills, a way with words and some good-looking food, your food, and drink advertisement should do great! Luckily, everyone eats food, and most people love uploading a food or drink pic which makes user-generated content easy. This makes food and drinks one of the best products to advertise on social media.


Travel has become more and more popular over the years, and now that things are beginning to go back to normal, many people are looking for affordable luxury abroad. Travel deals on social media are coming in thick and fast and everyone’s wanting a piece of the action.

With so many people desperate for holidays and new experiences, it’s easy to see why travel is one of the best products to advertise on social media. Whether you’re a freelance travel expert, a travel agency, or a travel blogger, there’s so much to advertise and talk about on your social platforms.


Technology is popular in every household for every person. Whether you’re male, female, young, old, single, or have a family, there is a piece of tech out there that you will need or want. It’s there to solve a problem that you have in your life.

Tech is easy to talk about on social media and again is easy to generate user content. However, choosing the right platform to advertise on is important with tech and it also depends on your target audience. By carrying out the right research and targeting your campaigns effectively, tech is one of the best products to advertise on social media.

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