Everyone deals with stress, and in the modern world of constant movement and commerce, it can seem a never-ending fountain of opposition. There are many approaches that can reduce stress, avoid stress, and even use t to your advantage! TED Talks are all about spreading powerful ideas from spectacular people. Over the years, TED Talks have produced some truly inspiring content about ways to help reduce stress, and we’ve hand-picked a few of our favorites!

1. Kelly McGonigal: How to make stress your friend

In this video, Kelly McGonigal talks about how to better interpret the dyamics of stress, and how it impacts your ability to achieve your goals.

2. Andy Puddicombe: All it Takes is 10 Minutes

Andy Puddicombe, the founder of Headspace, is an expert on the practice of being mindful. Simply put, mindful behavior is exerting a conscious effort to focus on your life, goals, actions, thoughts, and more—in a more focused and intentional manner. This TED Talk can help you better understand where your stress comes from, and how to better navigate it’s effects.

3. Richard Wellar: Could the Sun be Good for Your Heart?

Richard Wellar, among many other things, is an academic and astute to the many dynamics in the way environment can affect our bodies. The healing power of infrared light, most notably seen in the rise in popularity of such alternative therapies as infrared saunas, has been known to provide hear-impacting health benefits. Infrared light, such as that radiated by the Sun, spurs a powerful response from the human body which cascades as a systemic release of Nitric Oxide (NO). In this TED Talk, Richard explains all about the benefits of this healthy interaction with the sun, and helps lay down a fundamental understanding of how spending time in the sun may help lower your stress levels.

4. Danial Levitin: How to Stay Calm When You Know You’ll be Stressed

Daniel Levitin is a psychologist, behavioral scientist, musician, and so much more. In this TED Talk he explores the many ways in which the human body reacts to stressful situations. Evolution has shown us the benefits of having powerful rushes of hormonal responses in times of danger, but modern times are filled with less lions, and more mentally-threatening circumstances. Daniel’s presence on TED is all about better understanding how to maintain a level head and not be controlled by your stress.

5. Pico Lyer: The Art of Stillness

Pico Lyer is a novelist, essayist, and powerful thought leader in the field of cognitive behavior. In this inspiring TED Talk, Lyer discusses how if able to travel anywhere, he’d go nowhere. His premise of such notions rests on his assertion that in the bustle of modern life, stressful situations, and 24 hour news cycles, taking moments of life to simply ‘be’ is more important than ever. This TED Talk can help you find that calm center that is so easily lost in the stress of modern life.

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