CBD is a chemical derived from the cannabis plant. It is the non-psychoactive component of cannabis that doesn’t cause the ‘high’ associated with cannabis or marijuana.

CBD (a.k.a. cannabidiol) actually has a host of health benefits that can positively impact your body. You can find CBD online such as at Area 52 or other online shops and the supplement comes in a range of products from vapes to gummies.


Although many people currently use cannabis to treat several conditions like depression and pain, research now suggests that CBD is the main component of weed which can help with these ailments, and it can now be extracted to be used without the psychoactive component, THC. Here, we’ll discuss a few of the positive impacts CBD has on your body.

Lower Blood Pressure

There is evidence to suggest that taking CBD may help to lower blood pressure from a study where healthy males were given 600mg of CBD in a randomised placebo-controlled study. The subjects who had taken the CBD had lowered blood pressure both before and after stressed, lowered heart rate and lowered stroke risk.

This study showed that just 1 dose of CBD helps to reduce resting blood pressure as well as the response to stress. Stress causes blood pressure to rise due to the heart pumping faster and stress hormones restricting the blood vessels, however, more research is needed to determine the effect of CBD on cardiovascular conditions.

Keep Anxiety and Depression at Bay

Anxiety and depression affect a lot of people and there is a lot of pharmaceutical medication available to treat it, however this usually comes with a lot of possible side effects, including more anxiety and depression. CBD is a natural supplement that is seen to help reduce anxiety and help people cope with some anxiety related behavioural disorders like OCD, PTSD, panic disorder and GAD. It’s also been seen to help reduce depression as CBD raises serotonin levels which are usually low in people with depression.

Generally, doctors advise people with anxiety to avoid marijuana due to the THC as this can trigger paranoia and actually increase anxiety, however CBD is the non-psychoactive component of weed that can calm your mind.

Treat Skin Conditions

CBD has been shown to help reduce skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and acne due to the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. CBD has more powerful vitamin C and vitamin E in it so is a great addition to your skincare routine. Your skin has cannabinoid receptors that control the sebaceous glands oil production that means applying CBD topicals to your skin can reduce acne.

CBD has also been seen to cure melanoma and carcinoma-type skin cancers using CBD topical lotions!

Relieve Pain

CBD interacts with the central nervous system and the body to relieve both chronic and acute pain. CBD regulates pain as well as corelates with the feelings of happiness and well-being and is a treatment for a wide range of pain related conditions. This means you can treat pain all the way from menstrual cramps to multiple sclerosis.


CBD has a whole range of benefits that can positively affect your body and you can find the supplement in a range of places and in a range of different forms. However, if you are currently taking other medication, please seek advice from your doctor.

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