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A nice sleep is essential to your health and your overall being. However, lower back pain can disrupt your sleep due to discomfort. This can interfere with your daily routine sleeping patterns. Furthermore, it can disrupt your day to day activities.

First Step: Admitting You Have a Problem

Are you a victim? Don’t worry. The modern market has developed solutions for nearly every age, size, weight, and need. There are mattresses for toddlers, overweight sleepers, couples, singles, and even mattresses for seniors.

Lower back pain when at sleep is particularly caused by poor sleeping posture. Bad positions tend to disrupt the alignment of your spine due to unnecessary pressure on the neck, shoulders, and pelvis.

Sleeping Positions

The head, shoulder, and heaps are supposed to be properly positioned in order to avoid unhealthy sleeping positions. Sleeping positions can cause a misalignment in these critical areas of the body. Mattresses and pillows both play a role in supporting these parts of the body, but knowing your sleeping positions can help also. These are the five best sleeping positions that will serve to mitigate the pain.

Back Sleeping with Knee Support

sleeping on back pillow under knees

This is one of the most effective positions in reducing pain. It serves to reduce the pain by distributing the pressure evenly and optimally around the neck, shoulders, and hips. In this posture, the spine is well aligned thus less pressure and pain.

Knee support elevates the legs to enhance a streamlined posture for the spin. This allows an even distribution of pressure. It is preferable to use a head pillow that offers maximum and even support to the neck.

Right and Left Sides

woman sleeping on left side

Proper side sleeping on mattresses designed for back pain serves to align and stretch the spine correctly. In this position, there is no unnecessary pressure on the back muscles. You need two pillows. One will go in between your legs, and the other will be under your arms depending on which side you are sleeping on. Arm pillow aids to keep your shoulders firmly in one position thus preventing any unnecessary twists. This is important because lower back pain is sensitive to slight movements. See these pillow reviews for advice on choosing the right one for you.

Stomach Sleeping

girl sleeping on stomach

This is a position worth trying if you have been wrestling with back pain. All you need is a thin pillow beneath the stomach. A thin pillow reduces the unnecessary strain of the spine by pushing the stomach inward. You also need a good head pillow the will support the neck well and allow for the smooth turning of the head.

Reclined Sleeping

man sleeping in recliner

You need a good mattress and a nice adjustable bed for this sleep position. The best thing about it is that you can adjust the mattress to suit your preference. You can position your body in an inclined position of about 45 degrees while placing support to the knees in order to modify the spin alignment. When your body is optimally inclined and there is support on the knees, the spine will not be susceptible to any form of unnecessary pressure. Therefore, the pain will be minimal.

Fetal Position

fetal position sleeping

This position is best suitable for a person with a herniated disc. Nevertheless, it also serves to reduce lower back pain. To get into this position, lay on your back then slide gently to the side and pull your legs near the chest as you curl your torso towards the legs.

The discs across the spine sometimes push out and cause nerve pain. Fetal position sleep restores the discs to the normal position by providing space between the discs. Inserting a pillow between the legs will serve to further create an optimum space for the spin by reducing the pressure applied by the legs.

Final Thoughts

The key concern in reducing the lower back pain is the spine. This is because most of the pain emerges from the spin due to unnecessary pressure. The head, shoulders, pelvis, and legs should be supported under the right positioning in order to maintain the correct spine alignment. Scheduling an appointment with a licensed health professional, such as a chiropractor, is an essential first step towards understanding which sleeping position is right for you.

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