Dry eyes can cause significant discomfort. But more than just the discomfort, it can also seriously hurt your vision if not treated properly. Good thing, there are simple remedies that may provide instant relief to dry eyes. In case the gritty feel that sting is more than just an ordinary occurrence, you may require constant management to treat your symptoms.


Dry eyes cause that annoying feeling as if sand is stuck in your peepers, causing a burning sensation. It can turn your eyes red. Primarily triggered by the absence of tears or the right quality of tears, it may bring a burning sensation that feels uncomfortable. Tears help keep the eyes moist and smooth.

Tears also come in handy to wash away dust and debris. If your eyes do not produce as many tears as needed to stay hydrated due to old age, medications, or an underlying condition, they will get irritated.

Here are some tips and remedies to help relieve dry eyes and put your twinkle back.

Have tiny plugs in your tear ducts

Punctal occlusion is a procedure of closing the ducts at the corner of your eyes, which drain the tears to your nose. Your doctor might suggest this remedy of placing temporary plugs that dissolve over time to improve your dry eyes. If your condition is chronic, you may be a candidate for permanent plugs.

Use eyedrops

Over-the-counter and prescription eye drops are the most common dry eye flares treatment. They provide artificial tears that will keep your eyes hydrated. Use eye drops regularly, even when you feel fine. Keeping your eyes moist all day is key to better vision.

Protect your eyes against dust and dirt

The use of eyeglasses is highly advised for everyone, especially when going outdoors during windy conditions. Doing this is a precautionary measure that will keep dry eyes at bay. The dry air blown into the eyes may cause the tears to evaporate quickly.

Care for your eyes

Applying a warm compress and massaging your eyes are also helpful in keeping dry eyes at bay. They are also essential in improving tear quality. You may also resort to getting enough Omega-3 fatty acids, either through supplements or by eating salmon, anchovies, sardines, and the like. Supplementing your condition with the proper diet is another helpful way to treat it.

Rest your eyes and blink

When eyes get too tired or if they do not blink as often, they can dry out significantly. Reduce your screen time as much as possible. Otherwise, take at least 10-minute breaks throughout the day and use that time to let your peepers blink and regain all the moisture lost from being exposed to computer, cellphone, or television screens.

Keeping your eyes healthy and your vision clear is essential in accomplishing your tasks day by day. Take all the necessary precautions to avoid damage to your eyesight. If you are struggling to manage your dry eye symptoms with the tips and remedies we provided, consult an expert to devise the best course of treatment that’s right for you.

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