Flowers symbolize many things. From indicating the first signs of spring to showing your never-ending love, we use flowers to brighten up our homes, as gifts, or as decoration in ceremonies.

You’ll find unique flowers like tulips that come in a wide variety of colors. People have also genetically engineered flowers to have unnatural colors like black. 

There are thousands of different species of flowers with stunning colors and unique patterns. This article will take a look at some of the most beautiful flowers in the world, and the sorts of flowers we all love.  


It’s no surprise that roses would lead this list. It’s one of the oldest flowers, with fossils dating back 35 million years being unearthed. The oldest living rose is a shocking thousand years old! Roses are not only beautiful to look at, but they also have an appealing smell. They’re used in the base of various perfumes. You can eat roses in the form of jams and jellies or even drink them in teas. 

Different colored roses have specific meanings. Red roses indicate love, while pink ones indicate elegance and grace. White roses represent purity, sympathy, or elegance, and orange enthusiasm. 


The flowers from the lilac are unique and beautiful. It’s a regal flower with intense purple coloring and a white outline. Lilacs are part of the same family as olives. This is another flower that’s often used in perfumes and soaps. The wood from these trees is dense and is often used in instruments. 

Water Lily

With 70 different species around the world, water lilies are the most beautiful aquatic flowers. Not only is it beautiful, but the water lily also helps to protect the ecosystems in shallow water, where it grows. There are many different colors of this gorgeous flower, although white is probably the best-known. The water lily is such a beautiful flower; it starred in many of Claude Monet’s works. If your birthday is in July, the lily is your birth flower, and it’s fitting as the lily is mainly a summer flower. 


Another aquatic flower that holds exceptional beauty is the lotus. This resilient plant is the national flower of India and symbolizes wealth, purity, prosperity, and fertility in both Hinduism and Buddhism. The most popular colors are pink or white, although you’ll also find blue and red variations of the flower. 

The lotus is not only beautiful, but it also has medicinal properties. It’s been known to relieve pain and muscle spasms. The flower can grow up to 20 inches, which helps to identify it from other aquatic species. 


No list of beautiful flowers would be complete without orchids. This is one of the oldest flowers, and you can find variations on almost every continent. There are about 25,000 different species of orchids around the world, and they come in just as large a variety of colors and sizes. With such a wide variety, there are more species of orchids than mammals or birds. 

Vanilla beans come from the orchid plant, and it’s the only species of orchid that’s commercially grown and harvested. 

Orchids only flower after five to seven years from germination, which means the plants you buy in the store can be decades old. Don’t worry about the plant’s age since orchids can live up to 100 years. 


While the varieties of tulips aren’t as wide as the orchid, there are 150 different species, which produce 3,000 types of tulips. You can find this stunning flower in almost any color, but they only bloom for three to seven days a year. There’s usually only one flower bud per stem, but a few varieties can carry up to four. 

Similar to roses, tulip colors have different meanings. Red tulips also symbolize true love, while white symbolizes an apology. 

Tulips can replace onions in your recipes and is completely safe to eat. 

Cherry Blossom

As Japan’s national flower, the cherry blossom is an exceptionally beautiful flower. Cherry blossoms symbolize the start of spring, and you can see the tree start producing flowers early in the season. The flower is also the symbol of renewal and hope. 

The cherry blossom is the top-selling fragrance in the US in the form of Bath and Bodyworks’ Japanese Cherry Blossom. There are 200 different varieties of cherry blossoms, and Macon, Georgia, holds the record for most cherry blossom trees. 

Bleeding Heart

This unique flower is drought and fire-resistant and can survive for long periods in the wild. The bleeding heart symbolizes passionate love or unrequited love. The plant is poisonous to humans and pets and should not be ingested. Due to its toxic nature, there are folk medical traditions to use the plants for diuretics, to treat insect bites, and for hair loss. 

The plant attracts pollinators such as hummingbirds, which adds to the beauty of keeping this stunning plant. 


Typically known as windflowers, the anemone is a brightly colored flower that grows in clumps. These beautiful flowers are in bloom from spring to fall. It’s a mixed flower that comes in different shapes and sizes. Anemones symbolize the fragility of love and are linked to Aphrodite crying over the death of her lover, Adonis. If you plant it in backyards where deer frequent, you’ll see them in your garden more often as they love grazing these plants.


The lantana is a unique-looking flower that’s native to North and South America. It comes in various colors, and the flowers range from white, pink and yellow, to red and yellow.  Some variations can even be purple. These amazing little flowers bloom throughout the year, depending on the climate and sub-species of plants.  The flower grows in shrubs that can get up to 70 inches. 

Final Thoughts

Flowers support the food chain through the attraction of pollinators and allowing fruits and seeds to be fertilized. It also plays a big part in the aesthetic of our everyday lives. Flowers bring color to potentially dull existence. The sight of blossoms gives us hope that a new season has arrived. The smell of roses calms and relaxes us. 

The flowers on this list are some of the most beautiful in the world, and you can even cultivate them in your own garden

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