Vitamin C serum is a natural alternative to many so-called ‘anti-aging’ cosmetic products. Anti-aging creams are one of the pillars of the cosmetics industry, offering us claims of endless youth and everlasting beauty. The benefits of these creams are largely exaggerated, and they are often full of potentially toxic ingredients like parabens. The one’s that aren’t loaded with nasty ingredients often cost an exorbitant amount of money. The cosmetic industry has long since crossed the line of being out of hand both with regards to price and toxic ingredients. Consumer awareness has drove a considerable amount of these profits to their demise, but it’s still quite the mine field to navigate. The Best Vitamin C Serum offers a great alternative to anything commercially available, and can easily be made at home.

DIY Vitamin C Serum is rapidly-becoming a popular means of providing a restorative treatment without breaking the bank

The benefits of vitamin c serum are that you can make your own easily, affordably, and the ingredients are all natural. In fact, if you have the ingredients on-hand, you can whip up a batch in a matter of minutes. DIY vitamin c serum is rapidly-becoming a popular means of providing a restorative treatment without breaking the bank—or your body’s tolerance to toxic chemicals. Some people choose to mix it with water for a lighter, scrubbing cleanse while others choose to mix it with a moisturizing agent such as castor oil. Either way, you’re getting the natural anti aging benefits of vitamin c and spending a fraction of the cost of more popular anti  aging skin creams. For those not interested in learning how to make your own vitamin c serum at home, below you’ll find a quick reference of some of our favorite vitamin c infused skincare products.

What is Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C Serum is a mixture of water or vegetable glycerin that contains a dissolved solution of Vitamin C. This mixture allows the Vitamin C to be easily applied directly to your skin, where the antioxidant benefits can be utilized directly. Vitamin C exhibits a powerful anti-oxidant effect, and is taken as a supplement for immune system boosting and other systemic benefits. You might not think about it at first, but Vitamin C is effective as a topical anti-oxidant as well! That means that you can greatly boost the benefits Vitamin C has to offer for your skin by skipping the middle man (your digestive system) and applying it directly to your skin. Many times in commercial products, you’ll find that Vitamin C serums contain Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E as well. Both of these ingredients are well known to provide powerful skin rejuvenating actions, and are therefore much-welcomed additions for many.

Vitamin C Serum is a mixture of water or vegetable glycerin that contains a dissolved solution of Vitamin C

Vitamin C powder is the best supplement for making your own Vitamin C serum, as it is the most easily accessible—purist—form. However, powdered vitamin c doesn’t really apply well as a skin cream, and therefore you need to mix it up with a functional menstruum before application. This will help dissolve the vitamin c into a more absorbable form, allowing your skin to reap all the benefits. Typically speaking, the most common things to mix vitamin c with are water and vegetable oils. It’s important to be careful that you don’t make your mixture too concentrated though—as vitamin C is acidic and can cause some serious skin irritation in heavy doses. Below, you’ll find a very simple vitamin c serum recipe. This should be regarded as a ‘base’ for a more complex recipe should you decide to add Hyaluronic Acid or Vitamin E, or maybe some herbal extractives such as Rosemary or Lavender.

Basic Vitamin C Serum Recipe



Add more water than you need to a small pot and bring that water to a boil. The excess water is simply for convenience. Once boiling, measure out (carefully) 2 tablespoons of water into a glass measuring cup. Next, you’ll add in the 1/2 tablespoon of Vitamin C Powder and stir until completely dissolved. By heating the water first, you will be able to create a vitamin c solution that is supersaturated—meaning that it will contain a more powerful concentration of vitamin C.

After you have mixed the vitamin C in, let your solution cool back to room temperature. It’s usually easy to just leave it overnight, as boiling water can take a long time to cool down.

OPTIONAL: If you want a thicker, more moisturizing vitamin c serum, now’s the time to add in your vegetable glycerin.

After your Vitamin C Serum solution is mixed completely, and has cooled to room temperature, you’ll want to store it in a dark glass jar or dropper bottle. Vitamin C is easily oxidized and therefore needs to be protected as much as possible from UV light.

This recipe should maintain it’s potency for more than a month at least, and potentially much longer if kept away from light.

The Best Vitamin C Serum Products

For those not interested in the DIY route, there are some really great skin care products out there that harness the power of Vitamin C Serum. These aren’t the $300/oz anti-aging ‘miracle’ products you see on tv—these are just good natural products that don’t hype themselves up. They are affordable, powerful, and easily found online through retailers like Amazon. As with any health products, you need to be extra mindful of the ingredients label, and only purchase from trustworthy companies. While there are quite a few of these products available now, below you’ll find a short list of some of what we feel to be the best vitamin c serum products available.

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