Our generation is breaking the stereotype of not talking about mental health openly. Not only have we accepted that mental health needs to be talked about, discussed, and attended to like an actual disease, we are closer as compared to the earlier generations of breaking the stigma around it.


According to a research study conducted by Active Minds, almost 40% of college students experience a significant mental health issue during their study cycle. It goes on to show that college students or even students, in general, may get affected by mental health issues at least once in their lifetime. And it is because studying too much negatively impacts not only your quality of life but your academic achievements, physical health as well as your interpersonal relationships.

Adverse Health Effects of Studying too much

As discussed above, studying too much can be harmful to your mental health that will, in turn, lead to negatively impacting other essential aspects of your life. Following are eight such areas where studying too much can show symptoms of causing harm.

8Disrupts Sleeping Pattern

Sleep is a crucial biological need of every living being. However, we students will agree that we tend to ignore this vital fact and consider sleep as an easily skippable option. What we do tend to forget is that sleep is essential for our brains and bodies to function. Lack of sleep is not only harmful to your organs, but it will have direct consequences over all other associated activities. Students need to understand that pulling an all-nighter to increase their studying productivity is unhealthy. A disrupted sleeping pattern will cause your productivity decline than what you’re aiming for.

7Disrupts Eating Habits

Imagine waking up late because you were finishing your homework until late last night. Then proceeding that you were not able to get a good night’s sleep and then being late for breakfast caused you to skip it ultimately. This cycle of destruction has done nothing but to take a toll on your sleep schedule and diet. Each and every part of your daily routine that continues to be negatively impacted because you decided to stay up the night is interconnected and is a downhill spiral from effecting one to another.

6Cuts Down Motivation

Ultimately studying too much and not balancing it out with other aspects of your life leads to being less motivated. Every student feels the need to hang out with friends, socialize, enjoy, and have some time to their own selves even if they are studying abroad. But not being able to do that, spare some personal time or maybe even having some time of your own self yet having your studies on your mind is not okay. You will not even realize how quickly you lose the motivation to study because your brain will exhaust itself by taking constant stress for what lays ahead and what seems necessary.

5Increases Procrastination

As mentioned earlier, every part of this cycle is interconnected and is more like a domino effect that if one falls, it ensures the automatic fall of another. So less to no motivation will make you ignore your work and procrastinate. You will start putting away your home assignments. You will not feel like studying for your exams and start procrastinating in general for things unless there is a deadline you would be given to meet.

4Increases Anxiety

Studying too much causes stress and over anticipation of results. Students seem to forget that giving in to stress for studying is actually not beneficial at all. Not only you induce anxiety, but you are unable to work better because of the said concern. You feel all that you are doing is going in vain or not reaping the results that you want. It causes more anxiety on your part for not being able to do enough. It is a downward spiral from there on, as many students tend to give up at this level. The anxiety and stress seem worthless in front of what they are achieving in return, and they tend to give up on their studies altogether.

3Fosters Insecurity

Students who study too much become insecure about their performance. They tend to question their abilities over others and start comparing if they are doing just as better as their peers or not. The insecurity of one’s abilities is not only harmful in general but can be extremely deteriorating when it comes to studies. If you negatively impact your thoughts, you induce unhealthy competition among your peers. It will adversely affect your relationship inside and outside the classroom and lead you nowhere.

2Impacts of Social Life

As described by Mr. Daniel Bufford from Premium Jackets: “Decreasing your social life because studying is essential is not prioritizing the right thing. It is instead of replacing one aspect of your life with another without realizing that both of them are equally important.”

We, humans, are social animals, and socializing is just as an essential need as sleeping or eating is. Isolating oneself just because studying and getting good grades is essential is not the right way to go about it. Decreasing your social life because studying is essential is not prioritizing the right thing. It is instead of replacing one aspect of your life with another without realizing that both of them are equally important.

1Decreased Confidence

The worst-case scenario would be that you are left with no confidence what so ever. The one thing you prioritized in your life was your studies. And when the reality hits you that maybe you were not even able to get 100% out of that, then you will lose your confidence. However, the vital thing to remember here is that life goes on. Everything can be talked about, sorted, and prevented. No drastic measures are needed to be taken even if your confidence has been shattered. One can quickly regain their confidence through other positive aspects of one’s life.


All in all, we should understand that everything in our life can easily be prioritized and balanced out. One should not start focusing on just a certain aspect and lose themselves in it. Whether it is studies, relationships, or anything else for that matter, everything is a part of your life. And by keeping a positive perspective towards everything, one can easily avoid being negatively impacted if things go haywire.

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