Grief is one of the most challenging things we can go through.  Whether they’re a family member or a close friend, the loss of a loved one can feel like part of our world has been taken away from us.

Although everyone has to deal with loss in their life, not everyone is equipped to deal with it healthily.  Here are the top three ways to work through your grief and how you can move past this without feeling like you’ve forgotten or replaced the person you love.

1- Talk

You don’t have to lock yourself away from the world.  This need to isolate can come from many things, ranging from wanting to create a perfect memory of those we lost to not knowing what to say when we’re around other people.  Instead, talking can be the ideal cure.  Most people Google phrases such as ‘grief counseling near me‘ and don’t follow through when they know they should.  Find a group or a therapist, who will be there for you as you work through the complicated emotions of loss.  You’re not alone, and you don’t have to worry about how or what you say because these are people who will understand.

2- Create

Grief clenches onto our emotions like a tight fit, and it can make it hard to tell what we’re supposed to be feeling at any given time.  With all of those feelings raw and in the open, you can feel like you’re being suffocated under all of it.  Instead of trying to hide those feelings or suppress them, you should explore them.

Creating, whether it’s a beautiful painting or building a shed in your backyard, is a fantastic way to work through your feelings.  We acquire serotonin and pride from creating while also gaining the chance to keep our hands busy as our minds are free to think.  Instead of burying down your feelings in unhealthy coping mechanisms such as alcohol, you can work through your memories and thoughts about this person.  Just make sure to enjoy the process more than trying to perfect the creation.

3- Motion

Everyone has something in their life that’s either a life goal or a favorite hobby.  Think about whomever you lost and what mattered most in their life.  Were they an avid rock climber?  Did they always dream about going white water rafting?  Consider what action you can do in their memory that will put you into motion.  Of course, be careful, and don’t do anything that could traumatize or hurt you: but let them guide you through something you would have loved to do with them while they were alive.  You’ll get drawn closer to their memory and will be able to cope more healthily.

Final Thoughts

Grief isn’t easy, and it’s not something that any two people experience in the same way.  If you’re feeling lost and confused or are finding it hard to push forward, reach out and know that there are others like you out there.  You don’t have to deal with this alone.

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