There are a few different reasons that weed is expensive in Canada. When you buy legal weed, you will pay a more premium price for sure, but why? Why would you buy legal weed at a higher price when you could continue to buy from your dealer and get a more budget version. We will be talking through a few points on why legal weed is still worth it, even though the little extra cost.


If you want convenient weed, the best way to buy is through an online delivery service. They are amazing! Your favorite strains and cannabis-related products can be delivered straight to your front door with just a few simple clicks. Buying weed online is the best way to purchase. You can find in-depth inventories with lots of information, giving you everything you need to know what you will be consuming.

When it comes to products, there is no need to worry. With an online delivery service, you have more options than you would have to go directly to your local dispensary. Using an online service doesn’t mean you have to wait a long time for your cannabis to arrive either. Some vendors even offer delivery times within the hour.

Supply and Demand

One reason is supply and demand. Shortages always boost the price of cannabis, and there has been a rise in demand being more significant than the plant’s actual supply. A lot of the time, oil and hash have a lot greater profit margin, so many flowers are put straight into the production of oils. They are creating a significant contributing factor in the inflated prices of flowers.


Another reason for this inflated price is the testing process. When it comes to buying weed from an illegal dealer, no testing has been done. Your weed has been grown, pruned, weighed, bagged up, and sold.

When you smoke legal weed, it has been through a vetting process. This is testing the weed in an independent lab for potency, pesticides, herbicides, fungus, terpene profile, heavy metals, and microbes. All of this testing makes a legal weed a lot safer.

So legal weed is safer, but the cost of these tests is a couple of hundred dollars. They don’t just get tested once either. These tests need to be completed after every lot of flowers or trim, and then again if the plants are made into concentrates. Plus, they must be tested even further if they are made into edibles. This testing process ensures you are always getting a safe product, and you know the potency of exactly what cannabis products you’re consuming.


Sourcing, cultivating, and basically, the entire process that goes into getting legal weed to you requires workers to do their bit. So this means that every employee needs to be paid. Some companies have close to 50 employees hired locally, and each person will get an over-the-table taxed paycheck at the end of the month.


In addition to the payroll taxes that come from the employers, cannabis itself is a heavily taxed product. In some areas, cannabis is taxed 15% as soon as it leaves the cultivating facility. This weed will then be taxed a further 10% for recreational users when it arrives to be sold at the dispensary. Medical users will not have to pay as much but will still see a 2% tax increase from the dispensary.

You may find that in different areas of Canada, weed is priced differently. There are two reasons for this: the local government wants to see some of this extra tax, and that is where you are going to see the more inflated prices. If you see a lower price for the same product, the government likely wants to wholly overrun the black market, making their prices so competitive the legal choice is always better.


Despite the price, buying legal weed is well worth the extra money. It has been tested and always comes from a safe source. Great for every user, knowing precisely what strains and products they are consuming. Weed can be carried throughout Canadian territories but cannot be brought across the Canadian border.

Buying legal weed helps the local economy, too, allowing to create jobs that would usually be exclusive to the black market. Safety is a big thing, and being able to go into a store and purchase legally rather than visiting a shady dealer house is always worth a few extra bucks.

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