Getting motivated during winter may not be as easy as it would be at any other time of the year. For starters, the atmosphere is colder and darker. Hence, making it feel extremely difficult to even get out of your bed, let alone do any form of exercise.

Tips for Motivation

Everyone is aware of the difficulty of staying motivated to exercise during winter. Having to kit up in heavy sweaters definitely does not make it easy to work out and eat as we should In this post, we will look at a few tips that will help you stay motivated despite the cold.

Create Realistic Goals

There is no better or more effective way to keep your motivation alive for any task than developing a realistic and dated goal. This tip is one of the most important ways you can get motivated to work out in the cold. Setting the right goals will help breakdown the ambiguity that comes with general exercises.

It will help focus your mind to keep on going — one workout routine at a time. It will also help remind you of why you want to work out in the first place. It doesn’t matter why you want to exercise (losing body fat, shedding a few pounds), focusing on the goal before you will remind you that you need to keep going.

Train for an Event

One of the greatest secrets to staying motivated concerning any task, especially exercising, is having something to fight for. While your goals can give you something to hold on to when you feel down, choosing an event to train for can also be a motivation booster.

Register for either a fun run, long walk or marathon training for a start. You may not need to go for a trainer at this stage. However, there are apps that will help measure your commitment and give you tips on how you can get going with the training program that you prefer.

Create a Reward System

Now, this may sound too far and extravagant, but it is not. This doesn’t in any way mean that you should pay yourself an amount of money after reaching your goal; it means that you should create a reward system for every workout session you complete. Set a milestone and decide on the best reward to keep you going.

For instance, if you have always wanted to get a dog, you can set that as your reward for losing 20 or 30 pounds. Creating a reward system for each exercise milestone will help you push through the indecision and pain that comes from exercising during winter. Learn alternative ways of building muscle mass from this website.

Hire a Personal Trainer

This may not be for everyone but it is advisable that you employ a trainer to keep you going. This trainer will take the responsibility of pushing you on when you feel like quitting. The fact that you paid for his services is enough reason to listen to him instead of your friend or a family member.

Another advantage of getting a personal trainer is that they have the skill it takes to guide you into the best workout routine to help you achieve your goal. For instance, if your workout goal is to build leg strength, you may be wasting your time doing pushups. A trainer will save you the stress of working out and seeing little or no results. This is one of the demotivators to exercising at any point in time.


while this is an alternative to getting a personal trainer; it is not the most effective way to stay motivated. The reason for this is that there is a huge chance that you may get fed up hearing the voice of your friend after a while and choose to regret it. After all, friends stick together till the end.

However, telling your friend about it may keep you motivated for a while. A big tip is to convert your friend to your trainer by paying him in cash or in kind. This helps give value to the way your mind perceives your friend. After all, you will not have to pay as much as you would if you employed a professional trainer.

Get out of Bed

This is by far one of the major battles you will ever face if you intend exercising in winter. The weather is often cold and dark at this time of the year. Hence, a great way to deal with this is by using things that will help reduce the effects of the weather. Make sure that your bedroom is always warm by using a thermostat.

This helps eliminate the reluctance that comes from the cold weather. Always set your alarm before bed. A quick tip is to use alarm apps that will demand that you either solve a riddle or a mathematical equation before it turns off. Light therapy is an effective way to help reduce the impact of seasonable shifts such as these.

Closing Thoughts

Exercise is one of the single most positive actions one can take to support optimal health. In the winter, cold weather and shorter days can nip workout motivation in the bud. The tips in this article aren’t verified by a team of scientists—they’re just ideas to help seed the thoughts of building a better, more consistent workout routine for yourself during the times when motivation is fleeting.

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