Workplace culture goes a long way to ensuring that employees are motivated and ready to take up the tasks assigned.

This is why you need to pay attention to the routines and practices in the workplace. Doing this will help encourage your employees to keep up with their physical and mental wellness.

Here are a few things you can do to make this possible.

Create a Fitness Program

Creating a program where your employees can engage in physical exercises is crucial. This will keep your staff enthusiastic and reduce absenteeism caused by health issues.

Having such a program will also help build a company culture that is proactive and concerned about its people’s health.

According to research done by the RAND Corporation, 69% of employers with more than 50 employees offered a wellness program. This high number goes to show the power that having such a program has.

Whether you’re running a small or large business, this is something that should be incorporated regardless. To succeed with such a program, consider investing in an equipped gym at the office where employees can take an hour to go and get active.

However, if you’re not able to have a gym at the office, you can always get creative. Consider having yoga balls instead of chairs or invest in a pull-up bar and standing desks.

This will keep your employees engaged and enthusiastic about coming to work. Always remember to lead by example. If you want your employees to embrace something, be sure to embrace the same.

Incentivize Your Employees

Giving incentives to your employees is a step in the right direction. It is a step toward keeping them motivated and excited about what they need to do. Consider having a reward each time an employee reaches a fitness goal they had set.

You could also engage all the employees and tell them that you’ll be donating to the needy each time they achieve their goals. This will be motivation enough to keep your employees excited about working out and the lives they will impact when they do.

Gift your employees with a Fitbit that will help them track their steps and level of activity. This will ensure that they keep themselves accountable as they work toward their incentive.

Encourage inhouse Sport Teams


Do your staff members engage in fun activities in the workplace? If not, then you need to encourage this because it creates opportunities for a lot of growth. Have your employees team up and participate in a sport that will keep them active and engaged.

Also, promise a reward for the winning team to keep them excited and competitive. This competition will give them a boost in their morale and spark a spirited atmosphere. It is a great way to ensure that your employees work on their physical fitness.

Encourage Preventative Care

Prevention is always better than cure. It is important to encourage your employees to take the necessary steps to avoid any health issues. Maintaining high levels of hygiene among your staff and in the office environment is crucial to keep away germs.

This will give your employees a sense of responsibility knowing that they are in a clean environment that should be maintained.

You should also focus on developing a culture of meditation and reflection to help your staff calm their minds. This will improve their mental health greatly and help them give 100% to their job.

Educate Your Staff

It is important to remember that even as you take all the necessary steps to stay healthy, accidents do happen. This is why you need to ensure that your staff members are educated on how to give first aid.

Be sure to provide the necessary equipment required and invest in having your employees learn how to use them. This will help better prepare them in case of any emergencies.

Your kits should be fully stocked with everything necessary from gloves, masks, hand sanitizers, and more.

To make it easier for your organization, consider working with a trusted government contract PPE supplier. This will ensure that you get quality products that you can trust at an affordable price.

Help Employees Make Healthier Food Choices

Food affects both your physical and mental health. This is why watching what one eats is so important. To give your employees an easier time when making their food choices, restock your vending machine with healthy snacks.

Also, have the cafeteria offer healthy foods during lunch to ensure that they stick to their fitness goals. This may cost you more but the rewards will be worth the investment. As they partake in their meals, be sure to also eat the same healthy foods as they do.

Encourage Relaxation

Your employees need to understand that the only way they get to provide quality work is if they are relaxed. A relaxed and calm state will help your employees improve their productivity and quality of work.

You can do this by allowing five-minute breaks every working hour. They can use this time to do some stretches, take a walk, or do something else that will help them feel better.


As an employer, you have to be a good example to your employees on how they should work on their fitness.

Develop a culture that supports the health of your employees and be sure to give them a reason to participate.

Find something to keep them motivated and engaged. With such a culture you can be sure of great returns.

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