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Lemon water has numerous benefits for health and wellness – aiding in weight loss, digestion, and hydration, as well as providing nutrients the body needs to maintain health like vitamin C.

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Drinking lemon water is one of the easiest ways to improve daily healthy habits, particularly with a new beverage on the market called Lemon Perfect, a zero-sugar, 5-calorie USDA organic cold-pressed lemon water drink that comes in four refreshing flavors. Founded by Yanni Hufnagel, a former athlete, and basketball coach who is passionate about providing healthy options for optimal hydration and health, Lemon Perfect offers an alternative to high-calorie, high-sugar juices, energy drinks, and sports drinks.

When it comes to getting that morning infusion of Vitamin C, orange juice is no longer the only option. Lemon water provides the same healthy dose of Vitamin C without the sugar and calories. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps to strengthen the immune system and protect the body against disease, and one 12-fluid-ounce bottle of Lemon Perfect contains 100% of the Food and Drug Administration’s recommended daily dose of the powerful antioxidant. Unlike orange juice – an 8-ounce glass of which contains 21 grams of sugar and 110 calories – Lemon Perfect contains no sugar and just five calories.

Lemon water is also a perfect beverage to pair with meals as its high Vitamin C content helps in the absorption of other nutrients, particularly iron. Vitamin C is essential in collagen production, making it important in maintaining healthy skin, and defending against wrinkles, as well as playing a role in protecting against disease.

Lemon water plays an important supporting role in aiding digestion by slowing down the absorption of food. Michele Promaulayko, editor-in-chief of Yahoo Health, told ABC News that lemon water supports digestion because it “give[s] your body time to break down that food and take the nutrients that it needs from it.” People often promote lemon water as a dietary aid, believing that lemon water promotes a fuller feeling than water alone. For anyone watching their weight, lemon water is certainly an ideal alternative to high-calorie, high-sugar drinks like soda and fruit juices, offering health benefits and digestive support without all the calories and sugar that lead to weight gain.

Lemon water is particularly beneficial for hydration, which one of the reasons many people recommend drinking it first thing in the morning when the body needs to rehydrate after a long stretch of sleep. But lemon water can also be a smart hydrating choice for athletes and active individuals looking to hydrate and maintain electrolytes without the added sugar, calories, and artificial colorings of sports drinks. Typical sports drinks are loaded with between 56 and 76 grams of sugar, which is about two-thirds as much sugar as in an average soda.

The argument for post-activity sports drinks is to replace lost electrolytes. When the body loses water through vigorous activity, it lowers the number of electrolytes needed to balance the amount of water in the body. Electrolytes also help the body maintain its pH level, move nutrients into and waste out of cells, and keep organs and nerves functioning properly. Unlike sports drinks, lemon water replenishes lost electrolytes without the added sugar, calories, and artificial colors.

When Yanni Hufnagel, founder, and CEO of Lemon Perfect, founded the lemon water company, he approached it from an athlete’s perspective. Yanni was both a former basketball player and university-level basketball coach at schools like the University of Nevada Reno, University of California Berkeley, Vanderbilt University, and Harvard University. He saw the need for a hydrating beverage that replaced lost electrolytes while meeting the highest standards for health and nutrition. He started with the best ingredients including USDA-certified organic lemons hand-picked in Southern California. Lemon Perfect’s lemons are cold-pressed using high-pressure processing instead of heat to maintain the lemons’ many nutritional health benefits. And Lemon Perfect meets other strict certification standards as well. It is certified vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO Project verified. The company is also a member of 1% for the Planet, contributing at least 1% of annual sales to environmental causes. Lemon Perfect’s four flavors, Just Lemon, Blueberry Acai, Dragon Fruit Mango, and Peach Raspberry provide refreshing options for rehydrating and are all 100% organic.

With all the health benefits and none of the added sugar and calories, it’s no surprise that Lemon Perfect was named Best New Product at the 2019 BevNET Awards. Celebrities like Beyoncé and Gisele Bundchen have already touted their love for lemon water. With Lemon Perfect, everyone can join the health trend that’s as easy as it is delicious.

“Our goal at Lemon Perfect is to be at the forefront of the ‘better-for-you, for everyone’ movement by building products that meet at the intersection of flavor and good-for-you,” says Lemon Perfect CEO Yanni Hufnagel. Yanni also notes that the company is proud to disrupt a beverage market dominated by high-calorie and high-sugar sports and energy drinks, juices, and sodas. Available at Whole Foods and other groceries and specialty stores across the U.S., Lemon Perfect provides an easy, healthy way to rehydrate without compromise.

About Lemon Perfect
Lemon Perfect is a naturally refreshing, zero sugar cold-pressed lemon water with antioxidants and electrolytes. Certified organic and full of flavor, Lemon Perfect is widely considered by industry insiders to be one of the most scalable, exciting and innovative emerging beverage concepts in the marketplace.

About Yanni Hufnagel

Yanni Hufnagel is the Founder & CEO of Lemon Perfect, a naturally refreshing, zero sugar cold-pressed lemon water with essential antioxidants and hydrating electrolytes. Certified organic and full of flavor, Lemon Perfect – named “Best New Product” at BevNET’s Best of 2019 Awards – is widely considered by industry insiders to be one of the most scalable, exciting, and innovative emerging beverage concepts in the marketplace.

Founded in 2017 and backed by an extraordinary team of investors, the company’s mission is to democratize drinkable wellness by making Lemon Perfect accessible for anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Before starting Lemon Perfect, Hufnagel served as an assistant men’s college basketball coach, with stops at Nevada, California, Vanderbilt, Harvard, and Oklahoma. Hufnagel earned the reputation as one of the most dogged recruiters in America, consistently lauded for signing nationally-ranked recruiting classes. In Hufnagel’s 10 years coaching college basketball, his teams reached the NCAA Tournament six times.

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